SOMEBODY HELP I ONLY HAVE 12 MINS LEFT IM GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!6 The distance between two cities on a map is 3.5 centimeters. The map uses a scale in which1 centimeter represents 20 kilometers. What is the actual distance between these two cities in kilometers? A 5.7 B 70 C 73.5 D 1407 A pencil holder shaped like a triangular prism is shown in the picture. The height of the pencil holder is 12 cm, and the volume of the pencil holder is 216 cm3. Look at D!(Unable to locate document ‘pencil_holder_no._22.PNG’) A 144 square centimeters B 12 square centimeters C 2592 square centimeters D 18 square centimeters8 Stephanie has 3 3/4 bags of soil to put in her garden. Each bag of soil will cover 125.3 ft2. How many square feet will Stephanie be able to cover if she uses all these bags of soil? A 469.875 ft squared B 375.225 ft squared C 407.225 ft squared D 418.502 ft squared

Accepted Solution

You take 3.5 and multiply it by 20 to get B(70)
The correct answer for 7 is A
3.75 times 125.3 to get 469 (a)
Good luck M8