match the expression please!!! 20 points

Accepted Solution

Answer:r0.15r1.15rStep-by-step explanation:The problem states that r cm of rain fell on the garden on Thursday, so the first answer is:The centimeters of rain on Thursday    rOn Saturday, 15% more rain fell than on Thursday. The extra amount of rain on Saturday, as compared to Thursday is 15% of r. 15% of r is the same as 15% times r. 15% can be written as a decimal as 0.15, so 15% of r is the same as 0.15r. This is the answer to the second line.How many more centimeters of rain fell on Saturday than on Thursday   0.15rThe amount of rain on Saturday is the amount of rain on Thursday plus the additional 15%. We already know that the additional 15% of rain is 0.15r. The total amount of rain on Saturday is r + 0.15r = 1r + 0.15r = 1.15r. That answers the third question.The centimeters of rain on Saturday     1.15r