you are permitted a 50-pound check bag for free on your flight to Florida your bag weighs 32 pounds. write and solve an inequality that represents how much weight you can add to your bag.

Accepted Solution

Answer:The mean is most likely exactly 27.5 pounds,  is true about the given statement The median weight of a checked bag is 27.5 pounds.Explanation:Median weight of a checked bag is= 27.5 poundsit means , if there are n bags , the middlemost bag has weight 27. 5 pounds.For , a data set, if it is symmetrical on both sides that is if difference between two succeeding values are same,thenMedian = MeanOtherwise , in some casesEither, Median > Mean or Mean > Median.Supposing each bag to be Equivalent, that is if they have equal weight,Mean can't exceed ≥ 27.5 Pounds