Orlando is doing a math problem where he needs to dilate a triangle by a scale factor of four. The ordered pairs for his pre-image are (-2, 1), (8, 4), and (3, 0). Which of the following ordered pairs is not coordinates for a point in his image?(12, 0)(-8, 4)(32, 16)(2, 1)

Accepted Solution

Dilation refers to a non rigid motion where a figure is transform and its image has the same form but a different size measure.
Dilation is define by the rule (x,y)-- (kx, ky) where k represents the scale factor.

On this exercise is given that a triangle with vertices (-2,1), (8,4), and (3,0) was dilated by a scale factor of four, and it is asked to find the vertices of the image of the triangle after the dilation occurred.

Pre-image                       Image
(-2,1)  --   (-2*4,1*4)   --   (-8,4)
(8,4)   --    (8*4,4*4)   --    (32,16)
(3,0)   --    (3*4,0*4)   --    (12,0)

The coordinates representing the vertices of the triangle's image are (-8,4), (32,16), and (12,0); meaning that the ordered pair which is not a coordinate for a point in the triangle's image is (2,1).